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Meet Coach Robyn

To accept our uniqueness and embrace who we are.

For many years I was involved in advocacy work, dealing with differing opinions and diverse groups, using conflict resolution skills and getting results.

I was then diagnosed with breast cancer and that shifted both my perspective and direction in life. I learned what was most important to me and how living my life for myself changed everything.

It wasn’t a lesson or journey about loss, I had already experienced that many times in my life.
It was a lesson about reconnecting to my spirit. I believe we must take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I grew up without nurturing. My mom was mentally ill and suicidal. My dad an alcoholic and abuser. I experienced sexual abuse, moved many times and never had a stable home until I became a foster kid in my teens. I finally got my own room, had time to figure out what I wanted for a change, and learn to set boundaries. Being accepted for who I was, was key in my journey to reconnect with myself.
After dealing with cancer, I left the corporate world so I could work more directly with people to help them understand themselves on a deeper level, gain clarity in what motivates them and create the relationships they want in life to have success, both personally and professionally.  How else do you have a life you love?

I begin working with clients using 2 unique systems as the beginning framework for gaining clarity and understand what is important to you.
If you don’t know what is important and in alignment with yourself then life will be chaotic and you may procrastinate and stay in overwhelm, not sure what direction to take. Or it may show up as feeling pulled in different directions, not starting at all, or starting things and never completing them.

Using the Enneagram we get to the core of your personality type.
You now have a lens into lifelong patterns that has kept you from experiencing wholeness and fulfilling your full potential. Your blindspots can keep you stuck in those patterns. This creates self-awareness of both yourself and others, and results in ongoing opportunities for growth, connection and understanding. We all want to be seen and heard.

With the Motivational Map process we bring visibility to the invisible motivators that drive your behaviours and actions. Motivation is dynamic and changes over time. This gives you clarity and awareness to move towards what matters most to you, and take back your power to do what is in alignment for you.
When you are in alignment with your motivators you have more energy to get it done!

I also teach a phenomenal course in metaphysics that will provide you with more focus, and learn to find your answers within, instead of listening to all the noise that is drowning out your internal knowing.

My mission is to assist others in their healing journeys, in a safe, practical and gentle way.

If you are interested in unlocking your superpowers and reaching your full
potential, let’s connect.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Simon Fraser University

Certified Dream Coach

Dream University®

Founded by renowned speaker and visionary leader Marcia Wieder, CEO and founder of Dream University® and creator of the proven “DreamSteps Methodology.” This program helps individuals identify and make manifest their dreams. Oprah Winfrey and others testify to the effectiveness and the life-changing potential of this program.

Level 1 Teacher

Training in Power Academy of Meditation and Healing®

A meditation and healing system which utilizes energy systems and vibrational psychology to promote self-discovery, spiritual health and wellness, and empowerment.

Certified Individual Motivational Maps™ Practitioner (CIMMP)

Motivational Maps™

A self-assessment tool designed to enhance the emotional intelligence and insights of individuals thereby enabling them to decode and understand the sources of their behaviors and motivations.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Justice Institute of British Columbia- “Canada’s leading public safety educator”

A comprehensive crisis intervention program designed to reduce survivor trauma experienced in catastrophic situations. Debriefing is a specific technique which is concerned with the first 72 hours of exposure.

EIP Elimination Practitioner- Trained by Margret Ruby

Energy Interference Patterns of DNA (EIP)

The EIP technique is a holistic, vibrational healing modality which focuses on the unlocking and reprogramming of traumatic or distressing genetic memories.

Conflict Resolution Certificate

Justice Institute of British Columbia– “Canada’s leading public safety educator”

A comprehensive conflict resolution program with an emphasis in Mediation and Negotiation.

Reiki Master


A Japanese healing art which employs touch to channel spiritual well-being throughout the body, thereby creating an environment to promote natural rejuvenation and restoration of health.

Callahan Technique® Practitioner

Thought Field Therapy® (TFT)

Energy balancing system which aids in eliminating negative emotions and activates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Counseling Skills Certificate

Vancouver Community College

Training includes strategies for client support, interpersonal risk assessment and management, counseling and conflict resolution.


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