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I really felt like there were parts of me that I had not been aware of that were in more control of of myself and others. I would recommend it as a five star service and if I could give it more than that I would!

The best thing I got was more self awareness that my choice of words affect people. I could see/feel that you were emotionally involved in the process with me as well 🙂

"I found a lot of value in the program and I would recommend it to others because I feel it made me more aware of the different aspects of my personality. In terms of the program set up, I really liked how you went over the results in more depth and recorded it for me so that I can listen to it whenever I want. The program was also useful for helping me find better ways to set goals and not beat myself up for looking into the past and wanting to make close relationships with people around me but also realizing that circumstance don't always allow that. For example, I set a goal for myself to ask some people in my new nursing group if they want to meet one night for a drop in line dancing class which involves my relationships side and my desire to learn new things side. I also make sure to go for a walk four times a week to take some time away from school. Honestly sometimes when I am having a bad day I think it is nice to look back at the results of the motivational map and realize whatever I am feeling that might be related to the fact that I am someone who is very strongly tied to the past and strong relationships or that I am someone who likes to learn new things maybe I am not meeting those right now but I am aware that I can find a way to meet those motivations and it might make me feel more encouraged."

~ Gabriella Stockhom-shaw

Calgary, Alberta

"There is so much information packed into the course in 4 weeks it’s amazing! The tools that I learnt are so practical and clear and I use them every day to feel  better. When I needed some extra support Robyn was there to support, coach and give me a different perspective.

This really helped me push through any blocks that came up and I am glad to say I really noticed a shift in my relationships and my energy level. I feel much more calm & balanced and definitely sleeping much better.

I no longer feel drained at the end of the day and have deeper connections in my family. I would recommend this course to anyone who is searching for inner peace whilst living in today's hectic pace of life. This course will certainly give you the tools to embark on that journey. The cost of the course is so reasonable especially since I can come back and redo the course for free for up to a year."

~ Bal

Richmond, BC

"I want to thank you for the recent Motivational Map assessment and feedback session.  I found both to useful and illuminating in terms of giving a sense of direction in terms of the next steps to take in my personal and professional life.

I have recommended Motivational Map to several of my friends and colleagues."

~ Valerie Lowther

"Robyn is a wonderful mentor and teacher. Before I met her, I was skeptical about psychic readings and did not know a thing about energy healing. After my first encounter with her, she sensed so much about my past, present, and future. I was in awe with how she read me so well and taken aback with all the information she gave me. I soon realized that she could teach me invaluable life and self mastery skills so I signed up for her course. Through Robyn I learned how to meditate in a format that made me feel beautiful and happy, how to approach problems with a new perspective, plug into a newfound energy and source full of solutions and opportunity. Within 3 months of Robyn's teachings I manifested a completely new life personally, professionally, conquered my fears and took action towards my goals. Although I struggled to learn the concepts Robyn taught me, she was extremely patient, kind, and generous with her time. She gave me advise on health, how to deal with difficult people and situations, and techniques to build my inner self to last a lifetime. The healing she gave me transformed me from a state of depression and anxiety to living a life with confidence, support, and healthy personal boundaries. I found her teachings eye, mind, and heart opening and extremely powerful. The only way to learn is to experience it and I highly recommend anyone to Robyn to learn how to heal yourself and others from the inside out."

~ Julie Domingo

"I enjoyed working with Robyn very much. The motivational map was extremely accurate and gave me some good ideas about how to enhance my work and life. I came away with a few key to-do's that should positively impact my productivity. Thank you!"

~ Dawn Turner

New Westminster, BC

Robyn spoke to my group of 80 entrepreneurs and had the group laughing, leaning in and thinking deeply all within a few minutes of starting her presentation. Her content is always deeply insightful and supports people to take action on what needs changing in their lives. If you are looking for a speaker who is relatable, insightful and has the ability to tell powerful stories all at the same time, I highly recommend Robyn as a speaker.

~ Karen McGregor

Founder of The Speaker Success Formula
Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Tao of Influence

I found Robyn's ennegram and motivational maps process extremely helpful in helping me understand why I get stuck again and again and learn my internal motivations for why I do what I do. I feel more confident, aligned and empowered to make decisions in my life.

~ Tammy Cho

I went through Robyn McTague's program of using the Enneagram and Motivational Map. I thought the results were accurate and it gave me a better understanding of what type of work is a natural fit for me and why. I can spend my life searching for the answers. These tools helped to find the answers faster so we can live life on purpose and in harmony with those around us.

~ Nicki Chang-Powless

Over the last months, Robyn has been a safe and wonderful support in my integration and healing journey. I have worked with Robyn every second week and have benefited a lot from her sessions.

Throughout the weeks there was a common theme: I would arrive at her sessions feeling a bit stuck in myself. I would express that I was experiencing different things at the same time, with – seemingly - no connection between those things. Therefore I had been struggling with feelings of overwhelm and needed some help to resolve these inner conflicts.

Each session, Robyn always supported me to express myself and knew how to receive me with a lot of patience, an open-mind and compassion. She held a safe space and I was, first of all, able to just get it all out and be fully heard and seen.
The next part of the sessions was always both fascinating and surprising to me: Robyn would approach matters in a very organized, structured way and would intuitively know which questions to ask and how to guide me through her process - in a way that lead to an experience wherein suddenly I could indeed clearly see the connection between all of these different things. Suddenly I could connect the dots and it all made sense again.

Every session provided the space to meet myself in a very deep, intimate way and allowed for profound healing and resolution. A shout-out to Robyn for her willingness and readiness to go to these places with me together! At the end there was no more inner conflict but peace, understanding, compassion and clarity. Even when I didn’t expect that to happen first – it always would.
With clarity and resolution also came boosts of energy: I would leave each session with a new sense of direction as well as inspiration and energy to make things happen.

All in all, in all those weeks Robyn has been a safe pillar to rely upon. I trust her and know that – if I ever can’t make sense of my inner conflicts, Robyn will find a way. Her intuition, her ability to attune, her empathy and her professional way of conducting the sessions make it possible for doors to open and the aha-moments to come.

Overall I notice that working with Robyn has supported me immensely in finding peace and letting go old things that were ready to be released. With Robyn’s support I have been able to find closure with things from my past, uplevel my self-esteem and sense of self-worth and also get hands-on-support in some rather complicated decision-making processes.

My life over the last months has been an exciting ride with many changes and shifts and it was time to clean up, get ready for what’s next and align more with my full potential. I am very grateful to Robyn for her important and effective help in this!

I happily and highly want to recommend Robyn’s services to anyone who needs help with their inner overwhelm and conflict. You’re in great hands!
Thank you very much Robyn!

~ Dennis Pascal

Psychic-Intuitive Healer and Mentor


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