Transform and Empower Yourself With Awareness

Portrait of a young beautiful woman with eyes closed smiling in a sunny spring day

Level 1 Course: "The Prophet"

Find your place and power within the world.

This course provides a foundation for the Academy’s core “level” courses and allows you to open to your own knowing of the metaphysical. Many experience the learning as a remembering of knowledge locked deep inside. Let this course open the door to greater awareness and a heightened vibration.

“The Prophet” is actually a Level I comprehensive study of the metaphysical world of power and your place within it. Course content includes work in ancient and modern systems with spirituality and science/physics intricately woven together. Powerful, magical and transformative, Level I offers those seeking clarity, truth or change, a profound opportunity to manifest a life of passion and choice.


Portrait of a young beautiful woman with eyes closed smiling in a sunny spring day
Cute little girl in summer wheat field
Cute little girl in summer wheat field

The Children's Course

Empower them to secure their own space.

This course was designed to bring children and parents together in a special bond of communication. The Children’s Course honours the child’s intuitive powers and individuality, offering techniques of learning that are fun and build confidence.

The children are encouraged to use their natural gifting, helping them to feel cherished, creative, safe, strong, and comfortable with themselves and others.

While we cannot protect our children from all negativity, we can empower them to find ways to secure their own space and honour their feelings. Parents are equal participants in this incredible course of creativity and power.


Begin Your Journey to a Happier You

You are strong and can overcome! Work with an experienced coach with proven strategies to reach greater energy, meaning, and joy.