Children’s Courses

Meditation and Healing

There are three children’s courses available:
Ages 4-7, Ages 8-12, Ages 13+

This course was designed to bring children and parents together in a special bond of communication. The Children’s Course honours the child’s intuitive powers and individuality, offering techniques of learning that are fun and build confidence.

The children are encouraged to use their natural gifting, helping them to feel cherished, creative, safe, strong, and comfortable with themselves and others.

While we cannot protect our children from all negativity, we can empower them to find ways to secure their own space and honour their feelings. Parents are equal participants in this incredible course of creativity and power.

In this course, children and adults will learn

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques geared to their age.
  • How to work with their own energy or aura.
  • How to work with other children and animals.
  • How to use energy to heal themselves and others.
  • What to do when they feel angry or frustrated.
  • How to protect themselves from negative thoughts and actions.
  • How to stay focused in physical and mental pursuits.

Classes are taught online currently and can also be taught in person in the future.


  • In the correct age group
  • Both parents must sign consent forms.
  • At least one (either) parent must attend all four classes with their child.
  • Children aged 8 must be assessed before proceeding to the Ages 8-12 Children’s Course.


Tuition is $325 for 4 classes taxes not included. Parents also pay tuition and are considered students of the Children's Courses.
Currency is in the currency of your country for Canadians and Americans. Canadians add 5% GST tax.

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