Girl studying at home

Do you desire more energy and focus in your day?

Have you found yourself running around, feeling like you have spent a lot of time and effort and still haven't accomplished what you set out to do?

We can all feel scattered at times. If there are deadlines looming and you're feeling a bit run down physically, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Here are 3 tips to assist you in creating more energy for what you do want.

When you get up in the morning, do you hit the ground running? Often we think that if we get moving and get on with our day, we'll accomplish more.


Start your day with 10-20 deep breaths.

Best before you get out of bed, as we use the advantage of the liminal brain state to deepen our intent. While you're taking these breaths, set an intention for your day. Ask yourself, What do I want my day to be about?

Not only what I want to accomplish, but how do I want to feel?

What do I want to bring to the world today?

It could be as simple as - I want to smile with everyone I meet today. It can also be I want to accomplish writing 6 pages today. Or it can be a combination of a feeling and work on a project.

Post it on a sticky note if you need to remind yourself, and check in with yourself throughout your day.


Feeling a slump in your day? Instead of reaching for the coffee, how about getting a glass of water? You're probably dehydrated and your mind and body are not functioning properly. As you drink your glass of water, take a few minutes out and listen to a song. Something you like. It can be calming or energizing, it doesn't matter.

The respite from what you were focusing on will help clear your mind, and raise your vibration and when you come back to your work you'll have a fresh view.


Close your eyes. Take a few moments to rest your eyes and mind. All the screen time and focus create overstimulation and weary eyes and brain. As you close your eyes, think of a place in nature you love. Your brain doesn't know the difference between being there or not and will produce the same calming effect for your mind and body.

That's it for today.

Post a comment and let me know if you used any of these tips and how it went for you.